The Lakland story!

Lakland was founded by Filip Van Lysebeth at the beginning of 2019. Filip was known as founder of the post punk band Silver Cross and for his coöperations with Marco Minneman, Terry Bozzio, Adam Dice, Bruno Meeus,... .

The first single "Moxie" was released on 17/02/2020.

The videoclip of Moxie reached about 5000 viewers on youtube. But mostly it was voted in the top 100 all time metal videoclips by the viewers of the American Metalvideo channel. Ending at place 49 with 1252 votes.

The second single "You're Dad" released on 07/09/2020.

Was a big step forward for Lakland. The song was streamed more then 23.000 times on Spotify and the clip was viewed more then 13.000 times on youtube.

"Pinky Lace and Pixie Dust" released 15/03/2021

Meant the great breakthru for the band in US! The track was played at the catwalk during the "Phoenix fashion week". Witch resulted in some underground airplay .
Soon Lakland had more then 5000 followers on Spotify and reached his golden status in June 2021 going over 100k streams.

Fourth single "tattoos and tears" 21/07/2021

Reached his golden status on Spotify in less then 3 weeks! An amazing performance! 

The succes didn't stay unoticed. Several recordlabels and investors got interestested in the band, but we take it step by step.