Lakland was one of the founding members of the Belgian gothic/post punk band Silver Cross. He founded the band together with his sister in 2006. In 2008 they released their first, and only, full album "In all memories". In Europe the album was released by the Dutch label Bassick records. Unfortunately with very low success.

In US the album was released by ED records. Although it never hitted the charts, the album reached its golden status one year later. The main reason they never hitted the charts was probably that ED refused to deliver the cd to big stores. "It's an underground album and that doesn't belong in Walmart" was the official explanation. So the album was only sold in Gothic stores and at festivals.

In 2009 Lakland decided to leave the band and to focus on his studio work. The next years he worked with Marco Minnemann, Adam Dice, Terry Bozzio, Magnapop, Byentl (album awarded double platinum in Netherlands), Timur sergeyenia, Igor Polet and many more.

In 2014 Lakland quitted the music industry due to medical issues.

But blood is thicker then water! Driven by Moxie's energie and inspired by Elfie's art, he started to work on new songs. A hard process because he had to start over again learning to play guitar and bass. To compose, record and mix. To become a musician again!

But persistence has paid off!